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Vashon vs Soldan Recap!

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Vashon vs Soldan Recap!

January 24, 2023

Written and Photos by Dyawna Gamble on January 23, 2023

Crowds shouting, drums playing, and the sounds of sneakers screeching on the floor were only a part of the fantastic game played last night by Vashon at Soldan. Although there was a 30-point difference you probably wouldn't have noticed because everyone's eyes were on the players. And when you have players like Dierre Hill Jr., Jordan Logan, Joshua Bishop, Steven Bonner, and Kennard Davis Jr. you know there's nothing but entertainment. From dunks, layups, steals and even putback plays there was never a dull moment in the high-energy gym. This game was probably the biggest PHL matchup of the year. Vashon took the win with a final score of 84-34.


Dierre Hill Jr.

The sophomore point and shooting guard for Vashon doesn't play like your average sophomore. Perfectly passing an alley-oop to teammate Nicholas Randle was his best play of

the game. So far this season Hill is one of the top five shooters at Vashon. His teammates describe him as a great working person and a significant teammate. When asked after the game how you handle challenges during a game Hill responded, “ I think I handled challenges very well, I kept my composure during the whole game, and my team and I got the dub. We’re a family. If one or another is struggling, when a head is down, we pick each other up, it's a brotherhood.” The sophomore guard also stated, “I think we played an amazing game.


Jordan Logan

One difficult thing about basketball can be the act of showing humility. Senior power forward Jordan Logan did an amazing job of that last night. After the game Logan acknowledged

Soldan player Joshua Bishop saying “he hit tough shots down the stretch and was still trying to make the right play to keep them in it. You could tell he didn't want to lose.” Logan’s favorite play of the night was his first of many putbacks. It brought so much energy not only to the crowd but to his team and you could tell everyone was locked in after. Overall “we played well, talked a lot on defense, moved the ball a lot on defense and played together.“


Joshua Bishop

“Put up a heck of a fight” is what many Vashon players said about Soldans Senior Point Guard Joshua Bishop. Bishop who normally averages 16.8 points carried his team with 25 points.

“Love playing in that type or environment. Both the high energy and big competition.” His favorite play of the night was when he got a rebound, came down the court dribbled the ball in and out of both legs, behind his back and shot mid range. If you even blinked you would have missed it. Bishop not only knows how to put up a fight but can do it with grace and ease. His coaches describe him as funny, intelligent, and fun to be around. This one of a kind player is wanting to play in college so coaches don't miss out on this asset.


By Dyawna Gamble on January 23, 2023

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