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Dyawna Gamble

To meet Dyawna is to find a one-in-a-million person with a great spirit and talents beyond her years. She is a multidisciplined student-athlete, and entrepreneur, with a big heart for humanity whose journey is just getting started.

All About Dyawna

"After encountering many ups and downs, my life could be made into a movie. Though I wouldn't describe it as a fairy tale, I'm grateful for my experiences because they've provided me the chance to build tools to overcome anything." - Dyawna Gamble

Dyawna Gamble has a magnetic smile and personality that lights up every room that she is in. As a student Dyawna has excelled with her favorite subjects being math and science. She has been a lifelong athlete who has participated in sports including dance, cheerleading, flag football, hockey, volleyball, and her favorite sport- track.

Dyawna lives and breathes track. Her mother knew she would one day be a track star ever since Dyawna was about 6 years old darting passed all of the boys in flag football! Dyawna started running in 7th grade and fell in love with the sport. Once in high school, Dyawna began running in club track for the St. Louis Blues in the 100m, 200m, and the 4x100m relay. Her extraordinary efforts made her a 2x Junior Olympian. 

On January 4th, 2020, Dyawna woke up excited for her first track meet of the season. Little

did she know it would be the last meet for a while. After collapsing at the completion of both of her races, she was taken to the ER and immediately transferred to the Hospital. Later finding out her kidneys were failing, and Dyawna was diagnosed with Rhabdomyolysis a breakdown of muscle tissue that causes fatigue, inability to exercise, muscle weakness, and more. This condition, her father's passing, and her mom's cancer diagnosis quickly taught Dyawna many things in life were out of her control. But that life is precious, family is everything, and having a support system is crucial. She leaned into her faith, and it helped her through.


Spending two weeks in the hospital is exhausting. Blood draws, daily tests, 6 am rounds, and being confined to a bed would be difficult for anyone, but this experience took Dyawna into a place of sadness that she hadn't encountered before. She couldn't play the sport that she loved "for a while", which turned into two years, which broke Dyawna's heart. What hurt more was losing her independence- becoming a burden for her mother because Dyawna couldn't walk or, bathe herself, and seeing the toll that this whole experience took on her killed Dyawna.

As everyone was affected by the global pandemic in March 2020 Dyawna and her mother were finding a way to provide Dyawna a creative outlet while she was both healing and navigating the uncertain times. Before anytime would pass this mother-daughter duo started Dyawna, LLC where DeZiner Nails was birthed. Not only did Dyawna design her entire website, packaging materials, and business cards she began creating all of the custom-designed nails for her clientele. Nails weren't Dyawna's only form of artwork, she also started to paint custom canvas paintings.

With a fearless, persistent, and passionate force, Dyawna put in a great amount of work in order to make it back to both volleyball and track in her junior year. It was her faith that lead her through it all. Coming back with a bang Dyawna even added the javelin throw to her events. Dyawna's club experience and skills gave her the opportunity to be a junior coach seeing her team to state.

Throughout the years Dyawna has participated in a variety of extracurricular activities such as being a student Ambassador and speaking in front of audiences of all sizes during middle school and beyond and volunteering in her community. This natural-born leader also was involved in Girl Scouts, dance, and robotics, then in high school focused her time on Camp Weloki serving as a Counselor In Training, Melodrama, Vogue, Student Council, and the Metro Student News (MSN) which she completely restructured during her senior year.


Metro Student News became Dyawna's passion to lead. From producing weekly MSN videos for the Metro student body and staff to making everyone fill included and raising school pride. Dyawna absolutely loves attending sporting events covering by both video and photography for Metro. Her work has been observed and requested by other SLPS basketball teams as well. This coverage became her first published article with N The Zone Network as their newest Content Creator. These opportunities are fueling her drive to major in Sports Broadcasting in college.

Dyawna attends Metro Academic & Classical High School in St. Louis, MO. She lives with her mother and her furry brother Mamba Kobe.

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